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Throughout my 40-year career in American fashion, I have made several unique and significant contributions. However, there are a few that I believe will have an especially lasting impact upon the industry.

In 1978, I was one of just a handful of trailblazing designers that catapulted menswear onto the global stage through the launch of the first men’s fashion shows for buyers and press. Never before did menswear have such a platform for garnering domestic and international attention. This led to new markets for CESARANI in Canada, Europe, and Asia, as well as linked me to other international projects, including designing the uniforms for the torchbearer and ceremonial officials of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York.

Also in the 70s, when the country was wearing leisure suits, I conceived a softly constructed blazer and trouser – the “sports suit” -- consisting of sportswear separates newly sized in small, medium, and large. “The Cesarani collection is really sports clothing refined to the nth degree,” said Rita Hamilton in the August 11, 1975 issue of DNR magazine.

My signature technique of juxtaposing pattern on pattern with texture and a color definition was recognized when I won my first COTY Menswsear Award in 1974. I later went on to win three more COTY Awards. “His signature is evident in the way he perfectly coordinates his outfits… His clothes have a cinematic quality that draws attention to every pattern and color,” according to the February 16, 1998 issue of DNR Magazine.

The CESARANI "No More Cancer, Searching for a Cure" Bracelet

When award-winning American fashion designer Salvatore J. Cesarani lost his wife of nearly 50 years to carcinoid cancer in February 2011, he knew he had to do something to educate the public about this relatively unknown disease. So he decided to do what he does best and create a one-of-a-kind bracelet that could serve as a catalyst for raising funds toward finding effective treatments and a cure.

"It's pretty amazing to think that 7.6 million people die of cancer each year," says Cesarani. "Just out of nowhere, it came into our lives and stole my wife Nancy away. You don't really know what those 7.6 million people and their loved ones are going through until it affects you personally. For me, a cure for cancer - and carcinoid, in particular - cannot come soon enough."

View Cesarani's short video above, which was written and co-produced with filmmaker Robert Ipcar, about how the research conducted for carcinoid enables doctors and scientists to also uncover treatments for other, more common forms of cancer.

Fifteen percent (15%) of the proceeds from each bracelet sale will be donated to support the work of the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation.

Press coverage - Sal Cesarani Designs Bracelets for a Cause, WWD, November 16, 2011 and Sal Cesarani's campaign against carcinoid cancer, MRketplace, September 19, 2011.

N.M.C. Bracelet

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